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Ingenieurgemeinschaft Gölkel IGG / Lenzhalde 16 / 70192 Stuttgart
Telefon 0711-780 58-0 / Telefax 0711-780 58-25 / info@igg-goelkel.de/ www.igg-goelkel.de

Beratende Ingenieure für Hoch- und Tiefbau


The Executive Board, Max Gölkel and Hubert Kunz,
leads the Ingenieurgemeinschaft Gölkel IGG successfully for years.

Here, the high demands on the quality of planning, multidisciplinary consultancy and innovative, customer-oriented concepts and their professional implementation form the basis.
Together with the currently 20 employees / inside from the fields of structural engineering and project planning, as well as alliances with partner offices available to our customers an experienced, competent and efficient team.

Our capacity can be increased in the short term and ensure timely and cost-effective high quality services as needed.