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Ingenieurgemeinschaft Gölkel IGG / Lenzhalde 16 / 70192 Stuttgart
Telefon 0711-780 58-0 / Telefax 0711-780 58-25 / info@igg-goelkel.de/ www.igg-goelkel.de

Beratende Ingenieure für Hoch- und Tiefbau

Our service - multidisciplinary consulting, planning and support

We take care of your building from the feasibility study on the planning and implementation phase to the change processes of existing buildings with extensive experience and expertise. The focus of Ingenieurgemeinschaft Gölkel IGG always be the client's interests. After that we align our services. Our multidisciplinary consulting, planning and support leads to the best result for our clients. In close cooperation with the client, architects and engineers all opportunities are identified early, structured and implemented by Ingenieurgemeinschaft Gölkel IGG.